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Defensive Studs in the Hall: Did their Value in the Field Make Up for their Lack of Offense?

When a player hits a ton of homers or has an incredibly high batting average over a long period of time, it usually (not always) is an indication that he was a great hitter and perhaps deserves induction into the Hall of Fame. Offensive value is (relatively) easy to spot. Well, how about defensive value?

There are quite a few Hall of Famers that were inducted, for the most part, because of their defense. Often, the candidacy of these players comes into question because their value has traditionally been much more difficult to quantify (particularly as decades pass since we saw them play). Now that we have Sean Smith’s WAR database, we actually can begin to quantify defensive value. (more…)

Visualizing the Difference Between Offensive and Defensive Value for Catchers

One thing that WAR (Wins Above Replacement) does well is break a player’s value into specific components such a range, hitting, baserunning, arm, etc. I’ve done a lot of catcher research lately and kept thinking about how much of a premium the position carries, defensively. As I sifted through WAR components, I found myself calculating what percentage of a catcher’s career value came from defense. I found it incredbly interesting.

First of all, the comparison is made by using runs created above average and runs prevented above average. Both numbers are calculated from components in Sean Smith’s WAR database. (more…)