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We’ll miss you, Abby.

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One-and-Done: An All-Star Team of Players Who Only Appeared on the Hall of Fame Ballot Once

Every once and a while, I find a player who had a tremendous career and even appeared on the Hall of Fame ballot. But somewhat inexplicably, that player didn’t reach the 5% necessary to remain on the ballot and was gone from the ballot for good. I refer to these players as “one and done”, and there are some really good ones.

Using Rally’s Wins Above Replacement leaders, I put together an All Star team of the best players who only appeared on the All Star ballot once, then dropped off for good. (more…)

My Take on the 2009 Hall of Fame Ballot

For my first post here at BaseballTwit, I want to take a quick look at the 2009 Hall of Fame ballot and let you know where I stand on each candidate. The Hall of Fame is one of my favorite topics, thanks to the endless debates it produces. Plus, I’m sure you’ll get a good idea of where I stand on certain stats and player attributes from this article. (more…)