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We’ll miss you, Abby.

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The WAR on Relief Pitchers: What Makes a Hall-worthy Reliever?

One of the great things about the Baseball Hall of Fame is that it gives us countless topics to debate—who belongs and who doesn’t? In most cases, each case revolves around a player. However, there are cases that revolve around entire positions. Today, I’m not talking about the relatively small amount of catchers or third basemen in the Hall. I’m not even talking about the DH. I’m talking about relief pitchers. (more…)

Career ERA+ Leaders for Non-Hall of Famers

I recently took a look at the career leaders in OPS+ and picked out the non-Hall of Famers in the group. The post shed some light on some lesser-known, unique characters of the game’s past. Time to do the same for ERA+. (more…)